This “owning” of the characters appears to be unique to British TV and I’d love to know exactly how far it goes in copyright law. Terry Nation’s copyright claim is based on him typing the work “Dalek” and attributing various traits to such named creatures in a script. But let’s hear it for the designer – Raymond Cusick! The success of the Daleks, the original 60s Dalekmania that spawned two films, and the resulting size of Nation’s wallet, must surely be owing to the startling design. Can the BBC not at least negotiate the separate rights to the look and design of these creatures? Something Nation had no hand in at all.

So to really wind up the continuity-obsessed fans (and TN) the new series may well include malevolent be-plungered pepperpots called the BALEKS featured in stories that parallel Stalinist attrocities.

Also. Michael Grade where are you? You’ve cancelled it before. ACT NOW WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME!