I am starting to reach a similar conclusion to Alan (see below). For me, though, it’s not a lack of interest that’s making me slightly regret the games investment (are you counting the cost of the consoles too? Eek.), it’s a lack of patience and more significantly a lack of dexterity. The problem is that I am simply not very good at games. Boss battles that should fill me with anticipation instead lead to mere dread at the sure knowledge that I’ll be spending the next two hours/two days/ever stuck fannying about with a stupid combo move/boomerang/fucking ridiculous backpack squirter nozzle before giving up in a sulk and then watching Vic Fluro finish off the baddie in two minutes.

The only games where I can really feel the old fire are strategy and management games, though most of them involve managing something poxy like a railroad. Civilisation keeps me happy though, as does LMA Manager 2004. Even there my lack of patience keeps me rooted at an easy level or unwilling/unable to make the leap to Championship Manager.

My dream game would have the immersive atmosphere and design of, say, Ocarina of Time, but be absolutely peasy on a reflexes front. (I’ve been fondly remembering LucasArts point-and-click games, for example, but the humour in most of them hasn’t aged well.) Maybe Alan is onto something with this IF lark…

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