Some people might say that I deserved exactly what I got when I decided to go and see an Argentinian Lesbian Road Movie. And for the first forty five minutes of Suddenly, I would have to agree with them. Despite the pleasingly grainy black and white footage, it consisted of two millitant lesbians (so millitant they denied being lesbians) propositioning and then kidnapping a lingerie store saleswoman at knifepoint. Casual pointless voilence, and meaningless eliptical converations were the order of the day as our Mao and Lenin (oh yes) hit the road in a stolen taxi. ie – it was pretty shit.

And then, we get to Lenin’s aunties house. Aunties don’t really fit in violent, radical feminist chic lesbian road movies, and it showed here. The film started to be come sweet. Relationships sprung up, floundred and some semblance of real social interactions flared up. It became interesting. And then it ended. Suddenly. The end is the point of the films name I suppose, but also robbed the film of its warmth, reminding you of the nonsensical opening yet again, where the revolution amounted to smoking in Burger King. I deserved what I got.