Club Freaky Trigger is back on the 24th March. We haven’t got a flyer yet, it will be posted here in due course. The venue is the Chapel Bar in Islington, free entry, 4 hours of fine pop, etc etc. There are two especially good things about this Club FT though.

– it has a THEME! (Or a GIMMICK! you might say) The 24th March 2004 is also the 20th anniversary of the kids in The Breakfast Club doing detention. So the theme of Club FT is 80s vs 00s. DJs will be interpreting this however they want – in my case this is going to mean a track from the 80s next to its ‘equivalent’ from now. (Suggestions welcome of course.) It is also possible that some people will be wearing funny clothes.

– it’s the start of FT’s 5th Birthday celebrations, which will be bookended with 2 club nights (details of the second TBA) and will involve all sorts of online excitement. It’s also the day after my 31st birthday for what that’s worth.

See you there (I hope).