LENTIL MENTAL!! Although I’m neglecting the great Guest Editor position by actually posting something in my week of Do You See overlordism, I must admit to a sense of loss now Johnny Rotten has walked from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. First of all, there is no indication he actually SAID the famous phrase* and second of all now the ONLY story we’re going to get is a bit of sweaty fumbling between Peter Andre and Jordan. Gargh! ** Aren’t they brilliant though? Were we ever informed of Peter Andre’s luxury item? My betting is that it’s VALIUM.

However once I read the below I now think Johnny is forgiven:

Prior to leaving the set, he apparently started a fire at the edge of camp, then stamped out the flames shouting “I’m doing the dance. I’m doing the pogo. Lentil Mental. I’ve gone lentil mental.”

LENTIL MENTAL! Someone get this man on Big Brother!

*has anybody actually said it yet? No doubt Kerry McFadden, the dozy ole bint. I have no doubt her knockers are real BTW, why do people think they’re not?
**although it’s marvellous actually, isn’t it?