The Pork Pie Club is an urgent and key reference for all of our readers! I mean it’s a shame they’re in YORKSHIRE but apart from that they’re a noble and marvellous tribute to the Art of the pork pie. Beautifully enough, the Pork Pie Club formed out of the lack of dedication from new Health Club attendees who liked to drink BEER and eat pies – in pubs.

The protocol of the meetings evolved over time. The meeting starts when everyone has their beer. News items of the week are discussed; this can be any topical issue and ranges from very local to international matters. After often heated arguments, with many different points of view put forward, between one and three items of news are selected and written up under the heading “Events of the Week”. This is followed by “Sporting Events of the Week”, again encompassing local, national and international events.

The serious business then begins:-

The pies are eaten in relative quiet. Comments that may influence others in the subsequent marking are frowned upon, but this isn’t a game of poker and many an expression may give away private thoughts. A more obvious clue as to how things are going is the condiments box, which contains a wide range of sauces, pickles and mustards. If no one reaches for any of them, the pie must be at least quite good.

Such beauty! Such simplicity! Nevertheless the fact they are from Yorkshire is evident in that they call a pork pie a “growler”. Surely this is made up nonsense the likes of which you’d never hear from a sensible Lancastrian.

Now to attempt the HOME MADE PORK PIE! Did you know they pour in the gelatine through the hole in the top of the pie?? Marvellous, dears!!

*hurrah for PIGS!