The shame of the (not-so) secret RI:SE fan 3 days left… Kate Lawler
RI:SE spent much of it’s final incarnation absolutely obsessed with reality TV ‘ which is terrifically ‘meta’ of it, because it was a reality TV show in it’s own right: “What Katie did next”.

Kate, you may remember, won Big Brother and then, to her credit, dropped out of sight quite quickly. Presumably, not wanting to go back to her IT job, she took Telly Presenter Lessons. It would however seem that the Telly Presenter Lessons Teacher, finding the phrase “pig’s ear” coming to mind, decided to cut his/her losses. Kate won BB for being herself ‘ not for being a natural performer.

So RI:SE has been effectively paying her (a lot) to learn on the job. And she’s a slow learner ‘ possibly because her co-presenter has the bigger mouth. Despite this, when given the chance, Kate can cram both her feet into her own mouth. Memorable gaffe’s include her impression of an Irishman (it involves miming firing a machine gun) and her claim that “Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler and Napoleon were all middle children and all great leaders of their time”. Hmm, that’s one way of putting it.

She has finally learned how to hide her pants while wearing a short skirt though.