Romana says: not liking silly xmas hats? I believe that there Tom EwingSpizzaz chap hates fun!

I saw Gurls Aloud sing their songs Live From Wembley the other day. WHY OH WHY, in some misgiven search for “live music appeal” did somebody turn on their microphones?

Cue happy singing along to telly “aaaaaarrrrr-OIII don’t need yoooore good AdVOICE”… WHAT? Hold on a minute? That is not me singing along! That be MONSTERS! Also it appears that all one of them can say is “Undergraaaahnd” (as in “Sound Of the”, pop pickers) but to the power of NINE GAZILLION.

B-b-but Sarah, nine-gazillion is surely a made-up number and does not exist! YES WELL I wouldn’t have thought one person would have the ability to drown out and silence Wembley Stadium in shock horror unless they were that nasty German man from a while back so it is PERFECTLY APPROPRIATE.

In other, more sad pop news, oh no!! Poor DJ Otzi!! Oh NO!! (Honestly they’re all doing it after Ozzy diddit first).