Interstella 5555: The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. Look the letter S looks a bit like the number five. A bit like the letter V looked nothing like the number 7 in Se7en. (A friend who works in publishing told me how much that little slight of hand really buggered up the indexing of the last Halliwell’s, but then they missed out all the new films that begun with B so I don’t think they deserve much sympathy). Its an anime video for the entirity of the Daft Punk ‘Discovery’ album. It is also a silent movie.

Let me explain. There is no dialogue in Interstella 5555. There is very little in the way of incidental sound effects to the action (bar the odd spaceship whoosh). The sound is literally the playing of the entire Daft Punk album, one track after another with little crossover in contect between the music and the film bar the first couple of tracks. So whilst we are listening to the excellent music, we are also treated to an hour long anime epic which is crudely simplistic plotwise, relying heavily on certain manga, music business and fantasy cliches. It is an interesting exercise which just does not really work on the cinema screen.

But if you fancy hearing the Daft Punk album through a really good stereo….