I fear that my new favourite drink, Pepsi Twist, is not long for these shores. A full fat version of the puritanical and chemistry set tasting Diet Coke with Lemon, Pepsi Twist has not been given a huge marketing push in the UK. But it has the balance between lemon and coke just right. It tastes like someone has pour a bit of R-Whites into a glass of Pepsi. Spot on.

However the only cans that seem to be availible are ones which have Ms Dynamite sprawled uncomfortably across its trade dress. On first viewing it is unclear whether this is a can of Pepsi Twist or a can of Dynamite Juice, such is her presence. “Ms Dynamite” – it says “Live + Loud”. I have always assumed loudness to be a decent selling point of a live performance, you do not want to be overshadowed by a pin dropping, but i imagine people have been ring-pull checking for months to see if they will make this exclusive gig. Except the closing date was October 1st. One sees a warehouse full of unwanted Pepsi Twist cans being slwoly shipped out as the drink if whipped away from us with as little fanfare as it arrived. It appears we only get some in our shop because there is an avid drinker of it. Me.

Maybe it is something to do with ms Dynamite looking a bit like a gopher on the can?