“You’ve just made me blow up the university and most of the Bohemian Quarter!” “But Anna, you are only playing minesweeper.”

This is a cry for help, I fear for my sanity and I really need to know if anyone else does this. I am addicted to playing simple, simple games and then making up stories around them as I play.

Mac Brickout (similar to Breakout, but for people with nicer computers -ha!) becomes less a bouncing ball game and more an epic Lord Of The Rings style quest, each level containing a new race of people or creatures, with treasure to be found and skills to be traded. I have traced a whole town under the blank grey squares of the expert level of Minesweeper. I know where the presidential palace is, I know where the suburban homes are and where the trendy cafes are. I imagine what the newspapers will say to each new cleared area. (These newspapers, one each for the varying political factions, are written and produced near the river on the mid-right side of the game, the waste from the paper mills pollutes the river, ruining the drinking water in the slum area, bottom right corner.)

I talk to the snake on my phone too.

I have to, he needs the encouragement. He’s participating in some kind of Acrobatic Snake Crufts. Tetris is saving the lost city of Atlantis, Solitare a desperate bid to gamble enough money to get out of this seedy town and back to the farm.

Please, does anyone else do this?