Watching Jackass with two friends (he just loves it, she’s alternately amused and appalled), the Iron Law of the Playground comes to mind: if a small boy pulls a girl’s pigtails or punches her in the face, it’s sometimes because he doesn’t know how to say how much he likes her. OK, so here’s Johnny Knoxville with his trousers round his ankles, letting himself be filmed as his buddies aim baseballs, croquet balls and paintballs at HIS balls: Xtreme Laddishness as “Ironic” Queer Tourism, Hullo? Part of you wants to say, “Talk abt denial, GET A ROOM, GUYS, sheesh!” Except how is the word “Jackass” denial at all, and not full-on Pat Califian declaration: “I filmed the WHOLE SQUAD fucking me up the butt and I didn’t feel anything: THAT’S how not-gay I am…”