Please do not rob me aka I too now have a GameCube courtesy of Nintendo’s whacking big price cuts. First game purchases = Soul Calibur Two and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wanker AHEM I said WIND WAKER! Have realised have worrying addiction to underage fairy boys glad in green.

At the moment then, I now have three games on the go featuring Link. Well done on a successful brand Mr Miyamoto! The interested may wish to know these are:

1. Leg-end of Zelda: OCARINA OF TIME (N64, the Gerudo Fortress, just caught Empona, hurrah!) Have played this for hours. Get very emotional at the theme music. Even more than Whisky in the Jar-O and that’s saying something.
2. Leg-end of Zelda: THE WIND WAKER (GC, Dragons Cavern, trying to get the boss key and getting v-irritated by spiky worm beasts. It’s like I’m living in anime. Hurrah)!
3. Soul Calibur 2 (GC – I think this is somewhat unfair to have Link as a character. I always play games as a female when I have the chance, ever since Golden Axe on the Master System but now there’s Link I’m having to forsake my feminist principles. Although he is a fairy so I guess I get away with it).

ANYWAY, old news: now to Henry VIII, the ITV drama. What I have learnt – in the olde dayffe, Englande was ruled by a fatter Phil Mitchell who wore gurly kit and ponced about after Anne Boleyn. Am expecting Catherine of Aragorn to go menko with a gun and hire a hit man. Also Helena Bonham Carter MUST = wampire as she STILL looks about 12. Silly munter. I have decided to come round to ITV dramas recently. No-one else quite manages to get away with historical YARNS with such aplomb (although NB I typed YAWNS first of all so hello subconscious).

I am being v tempted by the Hornblower box set in the HMV sale.