I am taking a break from playing Wind Waker because I have started L-Targeting my rabbits when I want to pick them up. So instead I will write about it – or rather one particular aspect of its endlessly lovely graphics: the glaringly obvious (and possibly non-factual) Moomin influence! Obviously the link between Moomins and Zelda was obvious from prior games (The Legend Of Snufkin: Mouth-Organ Of Time) but Wind Waker is probably the closest we’ll ever get to how a true-to-source Moomins animated film might look – certainly closer than either of the animated series. Tove Jansson didn’t generally have to draw people, but her humanoid characters certainly look like the sort of rum coves who wander round the cel-shaded Zeldaverse. The most obviously Janssonesque creation is Medli, the bird-girl from Dragon Roost Island, but the quick lines and smooth curves of most of the character design reminds me of her work too. I say the influence is probably my imagination, but the Moomins were ‘big in Japan’, so who knows?