CHEAP FOOD I LOVE #4: Marmite On Toast

Three fairly inexpensive foodstuffs – bread, butter, marmite – come together with superhuman effect when heat is applied, like the kids in G-Force turned into that bird thing except I can remember exactly what is supposed to be good about marmite on toast. Lightly toasted bread, please, enough to melt the butter but not enough to char the toast. Any kind of bread is tasty – currently I’m keen on thick white sliced though. Apply the marmite as heavily as you think fit. Chemical miracles occur on the crucible of the slice as the butter and marmite melt into one another, and into the bread, and when you bite into it – total delight! Particularly as you bend the toast-piece slightly with your tongue and the pressure means the rich marmite juices seep out into your mouth.