Nice to see our legislators getting their teeth into something juicy for a change. As is the way with this kind of news, it at first seems remarkably trivial. And yet, one thinks, what is more important to a nations sense of identity that everything in ints place and a place for everything. I remember when i was a child that Countdown was on at 4:30, none of this 4:15 nonsense. Coupled with the titan of the quiz 15 to 1, it was an unmisable hour of brainteasing activity. (Paul Coia’s Catchword tried to pick up the slack at Five over on BBC, but frankly it was a hopeless format and intellectual burnout had kicked in). Perhaps it is a bit disingenuous for MP’s to bemoan moving it for its educational effect, but damnit for once I agree with our fuzzy headed members. Either that or get rid of it all together, let us not make Countdown suffer an ignmous half death at the hands of stupid schedulers.