A few additional points to Pete’s comments on That’ll Teach ‘Em. First – it was hardly overlooked by viewers and did amazingly well in the ratings, in the top 2 of C4’s programmes, far outstripping the likes of Teachers. Second – the discipline system was great. Being unable to cane the little darlings, the teachers had to think up a variety of cruel and unusual punishments such as holding weights in the air for 5 minutes and having a short back & sides, so it turned into quite a study of sadism. Third – the kids lost over 15 stone (210lbs) between the 28 of them over the 4 weeks by eating post-war food and having to do 1 hour of exercise a day. For Daily Mail readers bemoaning kids today and their many and varied flaws I’d say this was the best bit of evidence in favour of a 50s upbringing. Maybe the 50s diet will take over from Atkins?