Golborne Road in West London is a variety-show of foods. Portuganese pastries, Carribbean food stalls, Moroccan restaurants of course, and there’s even “Cockneys” just round the corner on Portobello Road selling cheap salty-mutton pies, mash and liquor (and eels, but never when I’m there, worst luck).

In terms of “street food”, the best, for my money, is the little van/stall outside the “Morocco Masjid” Mosque (on the north side of the road, number 76). It’s usually surrounded by its regular clientele, and they do cheap lentil soups and teas, but it’s the chicken sandwiches I go back for. Meat cooked and seasoned right there on the griddle with chips, chilli sauce and salad inside an enormous baguette/bap, all for ‘2.50! They do a beef-pattie and egg thing too. Great to keep you going round the flea-markets all afternoon.