9 Things The Non-Tech Savvy Do That Annoy Geeks has generated a lot of comments on Digg. So I thought I’d try posting my own (and then self-Digging this post in a pathetic attempt to get some hits. [nb this shouldn’t work])

Don’t get upset, it’s not your fault. It’s the curse of the specialist. Car mechanics could draw up a similar list and b!tching discussion, and grammar fiends do this all the time – hey perhaps there’s a Christmas gift-book best-seller in here somewhere. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to tell you…

(Three from the original article)
1 Getting aspect ratios wrong. DEAD RIGHT it’s top of my list. What’s the point in your nice widescreen telly if you are watching fat hollyoaks or even thinner movie stars. CAN’T YOU TELL IT LOOKS WRONG?
2 Double-clicking all the time. Seriously. Stop it d00dz.
3 Using Word for everything. You sent me an e-mail with nothing in it but a Word file that has three lines of text in it? Couldn’t that have just been in the e-mail. Oh and a Word document with a picture from the internet in it – handy! wah.

(and six of my own)
4 Fixating on ‘www.’ in URLs – The internets has moved on and left you for dead. (sorry Eli)
5 Naming a specific filetype in place of the generic – So any sound file is an “mp3”, any image is a “jpeg”. (The Hoover/vacuum problem of the IT world)
6 Not TABbing between form fields – especially in frequently used forms, like a login screen. Mouse/click/type/mouse/click/type/mouse/click/ARGH.
7 Confusing upload/download – does my head in. Let’s agree on “move” or something. (Not ‘squirt’, Balmer)
8 Storing everything on the Desktop – how do you find a new file? How do you find an old file for that? DO YOU BEHAVE LIKE THAT AT HOME/leave your room in that state. (er, bit of a case of glass house/stone throwing there. Move on quickly…)
9 Asking for technical help when you just want someone else to a bit of your job for you. OK, this is a specific issue here, maybe you don’t do that. DO YOU?