You have Sky One for two hours and it is a non-stop jaw dropping extravaganza of plainly odd television ideas. Which all involve Richard Hammond for some reason. The affable Top Gear presenter seems to be completely at home with off kilter science documentaries with a hook. Such as Inside Britain’s Fattest Man. So far so five. The hook however is not just an in-depth exploration of what obesity does to the body. Oh no, Hammond literally goes inside his body in a Fantastic Voyage / Inner Space kind of way, miniaturised and injected into his blood stream. I also assume that the camera crew filming Hammond’s extremely mini-sub were also miniaturised.

Now I think that the advance of this technology is wonderful and at first sight it may appear to be a bit of a waste to use it primarily for filming a pretty flimsey doco on obesity. But considering the health benefits of reducing obesity, perhaps it is money well spent. Anyway, what else would they do with it? Save the life of a very important diplomat? Teach Martin Short to be suave. You are better off injecting Richard Hammond up your bum.