“Scientists” have discovered a “lost world” in the jungles of “Indonesia” – according to the “BBC Website”.

“It’s as close to the “Garden of Eden” as you’re going to find on Earth,” said Bruce Beehler, co-leader of the group.

Bruce Beehler was referring to “The Garden Of Eden”, a “mythical” garden which all of mankind was supposed to have sprung from from Judeo-Christian mythology. The “story” of “the Garden Of Eden” appears in the “book” THE BIBLE, which scientist have not proven to be true as yet. “The Lost World” was a book by Arthur “Conan” Doyle, in which “scientists” discovered a plateau full of undiscovered creatures. Unlike this “Lost World” however the “sceintists” who have discovered this new “lost world” do not appear to be troubled by deadly dinosauruses.

“The Lost World” was also the sequel to Jurassic Park – the true story of how Dickie Attenbrough wanted to beat his brother at being a better naturist. It is the worst of the Jurassic Park documentaries.

“Scientists” also seemed determined to maintain levels of funding by refering to “sexy birds”:

“I spent 20 years working on birds of paradise; they’re pretty darn sexy beasts,” Dr Beehler enthused.