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Teachers have been ordered to tell pupils that Darwin’s theory of evolution is unproven, and that the universe is so complex that it may have been created by a higher power. … certain evolutionary explanations “are not based on direct observations… and often reflect… inferences from indirect or circumstantial evidence”

Why pick on Darwin’s theory as unproven and containing explanations based on indirect observations? What about the theory that we all have great grandparents? What do you mean you have photos??? Call that direct observation, give me REAL evidence. A-and what do you mean the Earth isn’t hollow – SHOW ME THE PROOF – not graphs of sound bouncing off strata, what does that prove, eh? EH? ANd the back of my head??? MIRRORS, MIRRORS what’s DIRECT about MIRRORS you FUCKING IMBECILE.

Surely it’s just as likely that the centre of the earth and the back of my head are too complicated to understand and may have been made by, er, well anything. They COULD have been made by CRAZED SCIENTISTS wearing disco-wigs. A-and maybe they were only actually made hours ago and made to look like they’ve been that way for ages…


The whole ID thing just has me at an absolute loss sometimes and i drop into predictable sarcasm – i don’t think there’s any other appropriate response. As has been said more soberly elsewhere: SHOW US THE FUCKING SCIENCE..