What is left to invent? I am sure there are plenty of potential inventors out there sitting around, moping, thinking that there is nothing left for them to devise. Anyone who feels they could have come up with, say, the radio must be a bit annoyed that knowledge of highly complex solid state electronics is needed to invent anything of import anymore.

Well, any flick through the TV shopping channels of today will prove that this is not true. Why, even on Channel U – the unsigned (for a reason) music channel on Sky brings up new, exciting inventions. And of course, the best way to present said inventions is via a short drama which could be a slice of life from any house in the UK.

A girl, a bit rushed off her feet, is scrabbling together some breakfast. Then, OH NO, orange juice goes tumbling all over her brothers trucker hat. He’s not happy, and as she promises to by him a new bit of Von Dutch tat you can tell that she is spending the last of her savings to make good. If only there was a way of cleaning that cap.

WELL THERE IS! Go to www.cap-cleaner.com if you don’t believe me. A rigid plastic frame to put your cap in, which can then be put in the washing machine or EVEN the dishwasher. Its so good the advert hubristically suggests YOU MAY NEVER NEED TO BUY ANOTHER CAP AGAIN!

Why did John Logie Baird muck about with cathode ray tubes eh?