For my birthday I got a copy of the bestselling science book Who Built The Moon, a book that once and for all claims to solve the age old mystery of Who Built The Moon. As I read it I shall keep FT readers up to date with the GROUNDBREAKING SCIENCE FACT that this book has to offer.

Introduction: Unfortunately they do not reveal Who Built The Moon. Even worse, it appears that rather than definitively telling us Who Built The Moon they are going to give us three options. Luckily one of these options appears to be increasingly likely. It is a short introduction (2pages) which already points out that lots of people already believe things that cannot be scientifically proven (92% of Americans believe in the existence of God). This does not bode well for the science in the book.

Chapter 1: The Dawn Of Awareness: Still not revelation on Who Built The Moon. Rather this chapter mooches about when humans first noticed the moon. Its the big white thing in the skies dummies. However Chapter 1 makes clear a number of startling coincidences:
a) The Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than the sun. It is also 400 times smaller in radius. Therefore they fit perfectly for an eclipse.
b) The plane the moon orbits on is in complete synch with the sun to cause such eclipses.
c) The moons cycle is 29.53 days and the women’s menstrual cycle is on average 28 days.

This last item is not a very astounding coincidence until authors Chris Knight and Alan Butler point out that just because the menstrual cycle is ON AVERAGE 28 days, it does not stop lots of women having one which is exactly 29.53!!!! Surely these coincidences are too much to be coincidences – it points to some other agency yes?

Well, no, but that is not going to stop me reading on as I am keen to find out Who Built The Moon.