image (which i hope it’s ok to leech and post) of HURRICANE RITA, from steve gregory’s TROPICAL WEATHER BLOG at WEATHER UNDERGROUND* , at 4:45AM GMT SEPT 21, 2005

quotes: “the western side of the eyewall is ‘highlighted’ due to the low sun angle – and gives a true sense of ‘depth perception’ for the ring of intense thunderstorms that make up the eyewall”
“RITA’s central pressure is now [=5.15GMT] down to 914mb. MAX sustained flight winds are 161Kts, with sustained surface winds of 165mph -=- and gusts to 185mph. The thermal eyewall temp difference is an astounding 21°C. The pressure has been dropping at 6mb/hr which may be some form of record of its own. Furthermore, there are no signs yet that Rita has finished intensifying. This places Rita in the top 10 of all-time Atlantic Basin Storms — and in the top 4 for the Gulf of Mexico. At its peak Katrina reached 902mb.”

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