the fictional-prophetic quasi-documentary is something the bbc seems to be doing extremely well, currently: there was a very neat one last year – about a possible “terrorist attack” via the markets (i forget its title) – which unfolded as news-reports (in classic orson welles martian invasion style). the supervolcano two-parter, run on sunday and last night in parallel with genuine scientific documentaries on bbc2, about calderas and supervolcanoes generally, and in (particular) the current situation in the vast magma chamber beneath yellowstone national park, was a touch less elegant – partly bcz it had to maintain the extreme-weather-thriller convention that the chief scientist on the spot also had the most exciting adventures (and he had annoying hair) – but its use of “after-the-event” talking head interviews straight to camera, from those in charge who survived, played brilliantly against the exact same NON-fictional device in the documentaries, in which real actual scientists delivered their sound-bites. Has this aired in the US yet?