Before and After Para-Science #2

So here i wz in Wales, during a little break from ferrying my invalid mum’m’dad around, and i wz making notes on a piece frank kogan commissioned wms contributors to write, ages back, which in my case is coming to be abt family holidays and family beliefs, and DEMONS and GHOSTS!! And i wz writing a paragraph abt the fact that since 1972 we lived in a house which around consider haunted – esp.the ppl who sold it us (tho they did not tell us till many years later abt the “Dark Gentleman” in the Guest Room) – but NONE OF US have never once felt or seen anything weird or unhomely there EVER.

Anyway at the exact moment* i wz writing this, my parents’ daytime carer, who’d let herself into the house to take care of some domestic chores while there wz no one else there, RAN SLAP INTO A GHOST and had to run away!!

My theory: ok we do have a ghost but it is so scared of US AS A FAMILY that it totally hides at the bottom of the garden the whole time, and had popped in for a good safe haunt while everyone wz out

[*actually i have no idea if it wz the exact time or even the same day…]