It’s no PBS yet (it’s only a few days old), but here’s Chicago physicist Sean Carroll’s Preposterous Universe blog, plus manifesto:
“Let’s cast this as a shrewd, techno-savvy blow against the hyperspecialization of the modern academy. In other words, the conventional modes of expression available to a physics professor (writing papers and books, giving talks, hectoring students) just don’t provide sufficient scope for all of my opinions that I’m sure the world is waiting to hear.

“The plan is to occasionally talk about science, both substance and politics (the decision to abandon further servicing missions for the Space Telescope was the issue that first made me want to start this), but also about things that have nothing to do with science. If Matt Drudge can have a significant impact on our nation’s political culture, why not me?”

[Afterthought: maybe rather than just posting this one possibly arbitrary link, I shd actually have plunged on through into the undergrowth of low-echelon sci-academic bloglinks it quite quickly leads to, and said something abt what cd be found – unfortunately I haven’t time right now]