Scenes from My Life as a Bad Teacher: it’s 20 years ago now so don’t expect names. I taught one-on-one for three years, at a place which didn’t mind if the kids failed their exams cz the mums and dads were rich, and just sent them back for another year. I wz hopeless laying down the law over eg trigonometry homework – my feeling wz “it’s their life to wreck: if they want to go clubbing every night let em”

J. wz possibly my favourite pupil, not bcz he wz any good but bcz he would suddenly interrupt me with questions unrelated to anything ever. “Excuse me sir, but are you allowed to try on new trousers in a trousers shop when you are not wearing underpants?” – “Excuse me sir, but is Olivia Newton John related to Elton John?” – “Excuse me sir, but – ”