RSS wars
“The alternative–still in search of a name after being known variously as “Atom,” “Echo” and “Pie”–would closely follow RSS technically but have different specifications.”

Last week I switched FT’s syndication feed to Blogger’s own “Atom” format little realising the small part this plays in a bizarre war between Dave Winer (Mister RSS) and the rest of the world’s attempt to make an open standards version of syndication feeds. Dave appears to be convinced that his home brew invention (the RS is for “really simple”) is being complexified so that consultants can line their pockets. So possibly the links on the home page are no longer technically RSS, but I expect the name will stick nonetheless.

Also, also, PIE! PIE! I reckon every PBSer would rather have PIE than ATOM even though ATOM is a proper science word and everything.