Juicy quotes:

The reviewer died of boredom while attempting to find interesting lines from this book.

MACROECONOMICS Olivier Blanchard.

Okay, so the link between ‘economics’ and ‘science’ is pretty thin. But here we have it: the cover appears to depict the planet Earth as a gear with several other, presumably economics-related gears turning it, which conjures up some rather disturbing economics-God-complex implications. The book passes the glossy paper and color standards, but fails miserably on the level of the text, which is dry, boring, and deep-sleep-approaching-death inducing. Large portions of this book could probably be read with near-lethal doses of legal and illegal stimulants. It will also probably depress the gentle reader to know that the word ‘people’ is used perhaps twice in the entire 600-page or so wasteland of bad derivations.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5 stars.