DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE! ‘Electroclash’

“First, the system should contain three (3) electrodes. The head should be fitted with a tightly fitting cap containing an electrode with a saline moistened sponge. It is through this electrode that the current is introduced. Second, each ankle should be tightly fitted with an electrode, causing the current to divide and guaranteeing passage through the complete trunk of the subject’s body. Use of one (1) ankle electrode (instead of two [2]) will almost always ensure a longer and more difficult electrocution. These two (2) ankle electrodes are the return path of the current…”

“During electrocution there are two (2) factors that must be considered: the conscious and the autonomic nervous systems. Voltages in excess of 1500 volts ac are generally sufficient to destroy the conscious nervous system, that which controls pain and understanding. Generally, unconsciousness occurs in 4.16 milliseconds, which is 1/240 part of a second. This is twenty-four (24) times as fast as the subject’s conscious nervous system can record pain. The autonomic nervous system is a little more difficult, however, and generally requires in excess of 2000 volts ac to seize the pacemaker in the subject’s heart…On occasion, the subject’s heart will spasm instead of seizing, during the first application of current. This spasm is due to excessive chemical buildup (acetylcholine and sympathin) at the nerve junctions and the ten (10) second wait generally allows for dissipation of the chemicals. The second jolt will generally eliminate this problem.”

– The source of this information has been unfortunately discredited as a crony of ‘Holocaust revisionist’ Robert Faurisson. The author’s denial of mass gas-chamber executions were made on grounds of ‘efficiency’, distasteful yet perhaps unsurprising for an electric-chair manufacturer and supplier who would go to any lengths to prevent the spread of gas- and needle-induced asphyxiation from encroaching on his hotplate franchise. A more visually spectacular presentation was once ‘conducted’ in Florida where the convict’s “body did not just stiffen upright when the electricity was applied at 7:06 AM, it seemed to reel backward.”

“Smoke rose from the inmate’s head, not his leg. Within seconds, small sparks or flames appeared from the right side of the shroud that hid his face…there was humming again, and [convict’s] body reeled backward again. The clock on the wall showed 7:08 AM. This time, 3-inch flames shot from the left side of the facial shroud, and there was more smoke. Quickly, the current ended, perhaps in about 20 seconds this time. Again the body slowly came to rest. After the pause, there was the heartbeat again. Another deep inhale and then an exhale, again and inhale and exhale…the left hand was clenched into a fist except for the little finger, which was straight…” [Extending the pinky, like that. Pretty reckless behavior in the Big House.]

“There was the hum again, and the body reeled again. Five-inch flames quickly burned from the left side of the shroud, and smaller ones to the right. It was 7:10 AM. The hum was gone again, perhaps in 30 seconds. But the body did not relax this time. The little finger on the left hand was now part of the fist.” Another way to tell when it’s been fucked up is if the bowels don’t immediately open upon electrocution as clenching the buttocks is a function of the still-functioning autonomic nervous system. So unless you’re pretty confident of your engineering skills or want to store the crapples in the freezer or something, consider giving the subject a colonic irrigation first, catheterisation is good too. Then again in films where somebody’s electrocuted in the bath you never see them crap themselves and turn the water black, although I know somebody who did this when they passed out drunk and also left the tap running so when the guy’s gf burst in there was raw sewage all over the floor and I think when the guy woke up he vomited too. General rule is, if you can tell what their last meal was, then start over!