Now we all know the French are the epitomes of taste, subtle cuisine and dumping tequila flavourings in their kiddie beer for no reason. Well Desperados, previously the be-all and end-all of stupid beer ideas has a few new chums to be laughed at by me. And what’s more, this is not just some tiny brewery alcopop nonsense. This comes from the second biggest brewer in Europe and seems to want to piss on its best known brand.

Kronenbourg (for ’tis they) already have a stupid Whisky in beer brand. Wel Scotch is not as “well scotch” as the name suggests. In as much as if you suggested flavouring a beer with whiskey in Scotland you would get a funny look and probably smashed round the bonce with a bottle of Irn Bru. Only the finest single malt Scotch whiskey is spoiled by pouring beer in it. Why the specification of a single malt is deemed necessary is unclear. Or indeed the waste. Until you consider how many barrels of spoiled single malt might be out there – its a tempremental process after all.

But to get to the nub: welcome Kronenbourg 1664 Rhum Spirit. It is Kronenbourg with the spirit of rum in it. For which read rum flavouring. For which consider rum and raisin ice-cream when you were a kid. It was remarkably tempting as a child but tended to favour the raisins over the very chemically fake rum flavouring. A ban on buying stuff just because it is funny while we were in France saved us from this horror – but next time I might not be so strong. And next time it could be even worse. Taboo Flavoured Stella anyone?