There are pubs called things like The Spinning Jenny – which seem to celebrate some stage in British industrial evolution. And I bet they were not named just as said Jenny’s were new thrusting things in the world. Therefore I cannot help but think the choice of name NANOBYTE for a recently taken over Wetherspoon’s on Wardour Street is more archaically cute than fantastically sad. And Fancyapint seem to agree with me. I think it used to be the Moon And Sixpence – which was a much more archaically made up name for what had probably just been a bank or something – and I don’t think there is anything wrong with calling a pub (and it is clearly a pub) The Nanobyte. It is a bit funny, and one wonders if the owners really think there is anything cool about it. But beyond that question you cannot help but wish good luck on anyone who improves an old Wetherspoon’s.

Of course I cannot say if it has improved, having not been in. I preferred the Dog further down the road. Did pop my head in, and there were no computers or anything (mind you, old Vic 20s, BBC Model Bs and Speccies hanging from the ceiling would have been great).

Also note that fancyapint have a “Gone but not forgotten” section now of closed down pubs. While its sad to see them gone, it is instructive to see that its about a 3:1 ratio of shite pubs to good ones.