Way back in the past, when Week Of Quiz was a mere twinkle in our eyes, the biggest excitement of the week could be the quiz at The Shepherd’s on the Archway Road. It was a nice pub, it was a good quiz, but it was of course enlivened by the presence of minor comedy star Simon Pegg on one of the team. As large Spaced fans, we thus based our evening around beating his team (Quizzers With Attitude): and so the night out became known as Bash The Pegg.

The the Shepherd’s became the unpleasant Boogaloo with its ultra rockist jukebox, and Bash The Pegg was no more. So what joy to discover last night at my regular Monday night quiz in Hornsey : Mr Pegg playing the quiz. Yes, Bash The Pegg has returned.

(Yes. We did. But he was only in a team with one other and there were five of us. Also a small amount of fear sets in when one comes across this on the IMDB...)