You will need:
Five potatoes (floury; medium size — one can be small!)
Young-leaf spinach (half a salad bag)
One ripe avocado
Three small onions
Chicken or veg stock cube (actually I used matigold swiss vegetable bouillon powder)
Chilli Oil
Liquidiser; pan; second pan if you have a small liquidiser and need to do it in shifts

You will have to:
i. Put kettle on
ii.Chop the onions small and fry em in the butter until “clear”
ii. Peel and chop the opotatoes into medium chunks — run under tap to take off some of the starch — fry em in the onions briefly while you…
iii. … put tbs of stock (or crumble cube) into pint of hot water (but see v.)
iv. Add to onions and potatoes, let boil, allow to bubble until potatoes are soft
v. In fact I needed to add another pint of water and another stock cube, as the potatoes I wz using were taking a long time and the pan wasn’t huge
vi. Add spinach and allow to reduce while you chop avocadoes
vii. Put everything into liquidiser inc. a gloop of chllli oil to taste
ix. Return to pan and bring back to heat — don’t let boil too long as avocadoes will apparently go bitter
x. Add salt and pepper I guess — though I didn’t think it needed either (it has quite a subtle taste unless you went mad w.the chilli oil). (Also it is THICK and suitble for WINTER: a summer reading might use less potatoes). Serve with slices of lime, or cream, or maybe BOTH*

*Disclaimer: Combo not road-tested