Future history as outlined by Google.

: Has its own Wikipedia page which is inconclusive as to whether this has already happened.
WORLD WAR IV: The “Long Struggle Against Islamofascism”. We’re apparently in this one. Though George W Bush claimed it was merely World War III.
WORLD WAR V: Feeble attempt at comedy by Uncyclopedia. Clearly they do not appreciate the severity of our war situation.
WORLD WAR VI: Took place on Club Penguin!! Digital cyberwar knows no boundaries of space, age, or numeric order.
WORLD WAR VII: Documented in song by Sum 41, this is a war between humans and genetically enhanced monsters! Hard to pick just one dispatch from this moving account but it might have to be: “Until the day a leader emerges / With mind powers like electric surges”
WORLD WAR VIII: Following this devastation the only documentation of World War VIII is a man shouting “World War Eight!” into a microphone repeatedly.
WORLD WAR IX: A hardcore band. I picked “Gangbang Island” to listen to but you might want to try something else. That’s the freedom we fight world wars to defend.
WORLD WAR X: A blog written in a strange future language. Or Finnish.