Samuel Smith’s lager range in new twist!

OK in the good old days, now cruelly tooken from us, you had:

AYINGERBRAU = honest yeoman of lagers, man in a box.
PRINZ = vaguely spivvy premium effort with a blue stein.
D PILS = ‘ultra-premium’ 6% loopy juice.

Since the re-brand you now have new ranges:

ALPINE LAGER – this is Ayingerbrau as was, entirely unchanged.
SAM SMITH’S PURE BREWED LAGER – the new SS premium lager, with a big tall stein and special tall glasses. It is not very interestingly designed, to the point of me maybe getting its name wrong. Our best guess was that it is Prinz rebranded, and to be fair Prinz did need a rebrand. Nobody we knew ever drank Prinz so who can say.

And D Pils had vanished entirely, possibly for legal reasons. And that was that –

UNTIL FRIDAY when we noticed a third lager on display – “TADDY LAGER”. Its stein has an olde-tymey picture of some hops or barley or something, denoting its traditional Tadcaster methods. Was it D reincarnated? I craned to look at the ABV – 3 and a bit percent, definitely the weakest lager in the range.

(of course it could be D pils with 50% water added)

So Sams have used their BLOOD MONEY from murdering the fat man to splash out on a whole new brew – initial tasting by Mr Alan suggested that it is very unpleasant. We’ll be keeping our eye open for more own-brand folly from the Tadcaster Tyrants – watch this space.