v.neat and tastable SBD-friendly recipe

YOU NEED: salmon steaks (size as per M&S’s giant bag o’salmon) (ie strips 1 x 3″); young spinach leaves; eggs; dried chillis; butter; wok oil (i use groundnut); vinaigrette

THEN DO THIS (simultaneously if you can):
i: fry the salmon in a little butter and oil, allow it to caramelise (ie go crunchy); it is ready when the flakes separate
ii: flash-fry the spinach in a little oil in the wok, then add crunched up dried chillis to taste (when you first add the leaves — abt half a salad bag per person — STEP BACK, as the v.first thing it does is blast off a pyroclastic wave of toxic steam; but be ready to step in and stir the spinach straight away – it collapses immediately and chars w.dispatch, esp. if you don’t use much oil)
iii: scramble eggs in a little butter

(i like eggs scrambled in more butter than egg generally but avoid this if this is yr diet recipe) (best drain the spinach when you take it out of the wok, as it reduced fast and the moisture has not all gone up as steam)

salt, pepper, add vinaigrette (=balsamic, olive oil, a little suger) and serve

update: i dub this recipe “SETTING MY PHASE ONE ON YUM