There are lots of angles with which you can look at the sad news that Golden Wonder have gone into administration. You can hark back to nostalgia, when a bag of Golden Wonder were in every child’s lunchbox. You can suggest that the increase in health eating has cut the market in unhealthy foods. Perhaps selling Pot Noodle to CPC in 1995 was an error (still, it means the Pot Noodle is saved!). However the Telegraph is taking a different tack on this: namely that Gary Lineker is to blame.

Indeed the tide is turning against the FA Cup eared TV cleancut sports presenter. Surely I and my companion on Sunday were not the only one bemoaning the choice of Spurs vs Leicester as the BBC flagship choice of the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Previous cup clashes between these two teams have been deathly dull, and surely the only reason the match was picked was that Lineker spent significant parts of his goal-poaching career at these teams. With a World Cup coming, one wonders if the BBC are wise to pin their hopes on Gary presenting – now he has been revealed as the man who killed the Wheat Crunchie? I (golden) wonder too?