Apologies to my fellow music haters who have been waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of my epic world trip. The truth is that the next episode is so shocking that I have barely been able to write it for the pure vision of music horror it presents. Combine this with the largest disappointment of my music hating career* and things got a bit slow around here.

Well, no longer. For I have received the best news a music hating girl can get. I HAVE WON. You read that right. I HAVE WON. Perhaps in a minor way but consider this. “I Hate Music” is hosted on Freaky Trigger, a website which, until recently, was sullied with non-stop commentary on music and pop in a site called NYLPM. Well the instigator and owner of said NYLPM has decided to call it quits, throw in the towel and submit to the inevitable. MUSIC IS CRAP. This is why he can no long live the lie that writing a weblog about music presents to him. Soon he will have come over completely to my side and will join me, lying in wait for Kelly Clarkson as she goosesteps out of her London hotel on the way to a Top Of The Pops performance.

NYLPM is no longer, and I Tanya Headon, Am victorious. And so – back to Manilla…

*Kate Bush. I thought I had scuppered her with the Red Shoes thirteen years ago. I thought that, as per the Powell & Pressburger film and the Hans Christian Andersen “fairy tale”. Not only had I saddled her with a lumbering concept of an album for the fey haired nutsack warbler to sing about, but I had also slipped her a real actual pair of red shoes which would curse her to dance for eternity. I had not counted on the fact that Kate’s – ahem – interpretive style of dancing would break the curse on said shoes, not being able to cope with her pretending to be an aboriginal tribal dancer, a post-apocalyptic land girl and a man who somehow manages to fit a child in his eyes. This was demoralizing and made me hibernate.