Cinema nachos: delight or horror? Wise men know that nothing enhances the blockbuster experience more than a lovely big tray of nachos with the side pocket brimming with sloppy cheese. Fuck nutrition, it’s all part of the filmic experiece. So imagine my disgust when I ordered some nachos as a little treat to accompany the latest Harry P, only to find that the cheese was a) not even warm and b) IN A LITTLE PLASTIC POT WITH A LID. No, no, no, a thousand times no! For one thing you get less cheese glop, for another the joy of nachos is in dipping yr crisp in an ocean of warm cheese, not in the genteel scooping of chilled cheese dip from a mess-less pot. How am I meant now to indulge in my nachotic ritual of abandoning one crisp in the cheese, there to be discovered, sodden and delicious, at the tray’s end. This is snack food madness and I urge UCI to reconsider. Next thing you know there’ll be meat in the hot dogs.