More brand extensions (airport duty free is a great place to spot them after all). Bacardi Coco seems to me to be a bit of a no brainer. At least it is when you finally realise that the Coco in question in as in Coconut as opposed to Coco Pops. After all a white rum blended with coconut is already relatively popular, but the brand leader is probably suffering from looking and sounding too much like a naff 80’s brand. Malibu’s white bottle seems out of step with the noughties, so if Bacardi Coco was marketed in a classy way it easily snaffle much of the market.

The same unfortunately cannot be said for Bacardi Razz. I must admit it took a thorough reading of the bottle until I got the Razz reference, and then took more time to try and decide if a white rum blended with raspberries would work. Conclusion: it won’t. I’m not sure what you would mix it with, how it would be used and even if it would taste very nice. Coupled with a truly silly name, I think the Razz is destined to crash and burn (mind you it does have three fans here). Still one out of two ain’t bad from the Bacardi boys. They are certainly leaving Baileys in their wake.

Note that in the Razz picture there are a few blurry other bottles as if viewed through a bathroom window. Far right is the Coco, far left is probably Bacardi Citroen (a french car flavour). Your guess is as good as mine for the two neighbours of the Razz.