This is revisionism. Tiswas custard* pies were totally non-diary products (good for the allergic amongst us). They were rubbish 1970s shaving foam, without any balms, aloe, pro-vitamin Cell Block H or dry weave top sheets.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s the recipe, and that site’s editor should know, as he was the rabbit who sang Bright Eyes on the show.

I therefore amd forced to conclude that you are looking back through rose-tinted specs and therefore Ptee = Richard Littlejohn. Or else it is suffering from the illusion of another false memory.

* – Now, flinging a proper custard tart would be something. It would be worth getting hit by one of those, thought ideally, you want a slightly looser one, so the outward stability holds it in, but you get runny eggy custard to coat the face upon impact.