I’m surprised we haven’t written about the Great Nepalese on Eversholt Street before, I know I’ve been there with other publoggers previously, but the search says we didn’t tell you. I was hoping to find a previous review to remind me what I’d had last time, as on visiting last night, one thing JUMPED, nay CRIED OUT, from the menu, and I can’t believe I would have had anything else. The dish in question was NARGIS KOFTA, another thing I can’t believe I’ve not written about here before (blimey, we’ll be doing scooterman next!), although I know I’ve told the tale of the nargis kebab in pub and curry house many a time. A delicacy I thought existed only at the Cheltenham Tandoori had made its way to London, and what a delicacy!

Take one (1) hard boiled egg
Coat in spiced, minced lamb
Bung in tandoor
Serve with salad and a little omelette on top

This dish had taken the standard Nargis and covered it with a mild but very tasty spicy tomatoey sauce to make a starter into a main. Again, despite talking about this delicacy on many occasions, I seem never to have googled it either, or surely I would have found The Nargis Kebab Appreciation Site which tells you all you need to know, including a long list of restaurants mainly in the west midlands of where Nargises (Nargi?) are available, clearly my Cheltenham experience was a southern outpost of this trend.

The Great Nepalese is, um well, pretty great actually, the side dishes (black lentils and dry spicy chickpeas to name two) in particular are very well done, sitting next to three vegetarians meant I got to try quite a few of them as well!