Continuing CAMRA baiting week, I grab a copy of North London CAMRA’s monthly free sheet The Full Pint last night. Full of wonderful revelations, including the article about which postcodes are in North London Branch’s remit. Fascinating. But it was nice to see The Oakdale Arms, Carsmile’s local, getting pub of the year. Less nice to see that it might be getting knocked down.

What was most pleasing though to see, was the lack of the Thoughts Of Chairman Mick. This was a regular column where the errant leader of North London CAMRA would muse on something, usually beer related, and make conclusions that made no sense (probably beer related). But Chairman Mick is nowhere to be found. What has happened to him? And his incoherent thoughts? Too much Budvar Dark?

(The Full Pint also reveals that the Lord John Russell is the only place in Britain where you can get Budvar Dark on tap).