I had a bite to eat in the newly opened Taz by the British Museum. I like the one on The Cut, though I have always found that Turkish tends to lend itself to large groups rather than just a couple. A huge soup bowl of hummus can be a little bit dispiriting if you have to destroy it all by yourself. Anyway, the food was fine, I regretted not having the nicely seared lamb, but the couscous was top hole even if my casserole was a bit dry.

Nevertheless this all pales when held against the magnificent toilets. Cool blue mosaic tiles in nice airy rooms. Not overscented, but very, very clean. Nice soap, water at perfect hand temperature. And paper towels only. Perhaps they lacked the novelty of the chocolate orange lavs in The Marlborough Arms, but these were lavs to die for. Almost worth getting stomach cramps for. The only note of caution were the male staff trying to clean and replenish the ladies at 9pm, causing embarrassment to themselves and the becubicled ladies.