Who designed a supply chain like this

Loyd Grossman’s Tomato and Chilli sauce is basically the arabbiata in their range of sauces, but it knocks every other version – Sacla, Sainsbury’s Safeway, Morrisons, Seeds of Change – into a cocked hat. I adore it, and sadly for me, so does most of Britain it seems.

Can I get it anywhere? Nope. The places in the last month where it’s not been are:

– Sainsburys Greenwich
– Safeway / Morrisons Blackheath Standard
– The convenience store in Blackheath Village
– Sainsburys local in Holborn
– Sainsburys local at Paddington Station
– The grocery store in Exmouth Market
– Sainsburys Straiton Junction (Edinburgh)
– Sainsburys online

Is there a reason for it? Is it really popular, against the expectations of the people who make it? Or is it not very popular, with a small but vocierous customer base? I dunno. I just wish they’d sort it out. I’m sick of Tomato and Basil, and Sainsburys online replaced Tomato and Chilli with bloody Puttanesca made with evil nasty sodding fishing anchovies

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