The Jeremy Bentham

Who is this handsome chappie then? Is it
a) Tim Rice
b) Jeremy Bentham
c) A bizarre look into a parallel dimension where Peter Davidson had remained as Doctor Who for twenty years?

The clue is in the name of the pub, though Tim Rice has a strong claim too. This wax bust sits upstairs in the Jeremy Bentham, a room which when discovered spelt ruin for the Star Of David Pub Crawl. The room was empty and accommodated the thirty odd people who had tagged along. With the later pubs being notoriously poky (The Angel) or often already full (The Lousy) a decision was made to remain in the Bentham. And, on balance, it was probably the right decision. The pub had easily exploited jukebox, some very nice beers on tap and – as previously mention – we had dominion.

As the pub crawl designer and spiritual leader, it lay incumbent upon me to complete the crawl, with three other stalwarts. Our adventures will be listed later. But from six to eleven, this is where most of the crawlers relaxed, and then bellowed when the FT Top 100 Songs list was devised.

It has a great dumb waiter in addition to the waxwork bust, for all fans of architectural merit.