If you sing Blue Moon it’ll all be over soon

A starting discovery after an ill-advised trip to the dodgy late-serving Irish bar on Caledonian Road near Kings Cross (is the dodgy necessary or already contained within the words ‘near Kings Cross?).

There’s a particualrly pissed pre-Christmas karaoke. There’s a comedy bouncer; imagine Richard Fairbass with a serious steroid addiction. The office parties have turfed out and there’s a good deal of inappropriate frotting going on. In the midst of a usual karoake set, we notice a table of punters who sing very well. They’re head and shoulders above the rest.

But after the last one has sung their song, they get up and leave as one, and get in a van, and then they’re off*. Are they a roving troupe of karaoke stars, dedicated to raising the standards of London’s karaoke, like some League of Less-Appalling Vocalists.

* – I can’t actually remember this part. I remember seeing themj leave as one. I can remember someone saying ‘they just got in a van!’ There is a chance that the above incident is a karaoke dream.